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  • Discussion on Gravity Casting of Aluminum Alloy Mould

    Advanced equipment is an indispensable factor to ensure product quality, but the role of die in casting is also very important. Especially for aluminium alloy automotive parts manufacturers, the accuracy and durability of the die have a significant im

  • 162019-02

    Development Trend of Light Alloy Casting

    As we all know, reducing energy consumption, reducing environmental pollution and saving the limited resources of the earth is a very important and urgent task facing people today

  • 162019-02

    Classification of aluminium and its alloys by alloy composit

    Main Components (Alloy System) Heat Treatment and Property Characteristics of Class Alloy Name Alloys Examples of Cast Aluminum Alloy Material Simple Al-Si Alloy Al-Si can not be strengthened by heat treatment, its mechanical properties are low, and i

  • 162019-02

    Mechanical Property Requirement of Die--Conventional Mechani

    The properties of die materials are determined by the composition of die materials and the structure after heat treatment. The basic structure of die steel is composed of martensite matrix, carbides and intermetallic compounds distributed on the matri

  • 162019-02

    Ultrasonic flaw detection method for segregation defects of

    The structural parts used in some industrial equipment are made of aluminium alloy bars. The processing flow is sawing, warm extrusion forming, heat treatment (quenching, aging), roughing, finishing, anodic oxidation and appearance inspection