Classification of aluminium and its alloys by alloy composit

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Main Components (Alloy System) Heat Treatment and Property Characteristics of Class Alloy Name Alloys Examples of Cast Aluminum Alloy Material Simple Al-Si Alloy Al-Si can not be strengthened by heat treatment, its mechanical properties are low, and its casting properties are good.

ZL102 special Al-Si-Mg alloy can be strengthened by heat treatment with high mechanical properties and good casting properties.

ZL101 Al-Si-Cu ZL107 Al-Si-Mg-Cu ZL105 ZL110 Al-Si-Mg-Cu-Ni ZL109 Al-Cu casting alloy can be strengthened by heat treatment, and has good heat resistance, poor casting and corrosion resistance.

ZL201 Al-Mg casting alloy has high mechanical properties and good corrosion resistance. ZL301 Al-Zn casting alloy can be quenched automatically. It is suitable for die casting ZL401 Al-Re casting alloy with good heat resistance and high corrosion resistance ZL109 RE deformed aluminium alloy material can not be heat treated to strengthen aluminium alloy.

Industrial pure aluminium (> 99.90% Al) has good plasticity, corrosion resistance, low mechanical properties 1A99 1050 1200 rust-proof aluminium Al-Mn has low mechanical properties, good corrosion resistance, weldability and good pressure processing properties.

The mechanical properties of 3A21 Al-Mg 5A05 heat-treated hardened aluminium alloy Al-Cu-Mg are higher than 2A11 2A12 superhard aluminium Al-Cu-Mg-Zn. The room temperature strength of 7A04 7A09 forged aluminium Al-Mg-Si-Cu has good forging properties and heat resistance 6A02 2A70 2A80.

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